Blue Square Concepts on How to Market to Millennials

Millennials comprise 25% of the population and have become the focal point for marketers around the globe. Although that doesn’t seem like a significant percentage to warrant concern, what Blue Square Concepts wants you to understand is that Millennials, although not the majority, have a huge influence on how others perceive brand.

Raised in the age of the internet, Millennials are comfortable with technology and have learned to use it to their advantage. This means that if they have a passion for something, they are eager to share it with the world. On the same token, if they have taken a dislike to something or someone, they will also post, comment, blog and use any means to get the word out.

“This is why we urge our clients to build brand carefully and work diligently on customer retention. Loyalty goes a long way in today’s marketplace and with Millennials having such a huge influence on their friends and families, it is imperative to build that sense of trust they desire. This age group is so much more passionate about everything they do that one false step in marketing could cost a business a great deal of revenue,” says the director of Blue Square Concepts in Philadelphia.

So what does this mean and how should today’s business market to Millennials? The first thing to understand is that besides being passionate about everything they do, they are also a group that seeks out others who have the same passions. Millennials are a ‘social-conscious’ demographic that will willingly embrace a brand that is known for giving back to the community. “If you want to succeed with Millennials, however, don’t fake it. They will see right through you,” says Blue Square Concepts’ director.

“Perhaps this is why face to face sales do well with this age group,” she continues. “They are also passionate about connecting and there is no better way than through a warm smile and friendly conversation. The impact direct marketing can have on a business’ bottom line is tremendous when there is a team of sales consultants who can speak with passion about the brand they are promoting.”

When it comes to finding ways to build brand and increase their clients’ bottom line, this is one thing that Blue Square Concepts truly is passionate about. No, it’s not just another buzzword, the ‘passion’ they are so proud of, it’s a way of life for them and it shows in every marketing campaign they take on.


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