Blue Square Concepts Examines Why Face to Face Communications Are Superior

It is no surprise that experts around the world are coming out in favor of face to face communications as opposed to texting and instant messaging. But what may be new to some is that there is a sound physiological reason for their conclusions. Here, Blue Square Concepts examines why face to face communications are superior and also looks at how this will impact marketing in the 21st Century.

“We always knew that it was far more successful to convert in person than online but that was based on the fact that nonverbal communications gave cues to the sales consultant so that he or she could adjust a sales pitch accordingly. With this new information in hand in regards to why the brain responds differently, it is beginning to make even more sense and marketers should take a serious look at adjusting their ad campaigns armed with this information,” says Anamika Sharma  Director of Blue Square Concepts.

What he is referring to is the fact that scientists are talking about the impact virtual communications have on brain development in children. Recently Marc Brackett, director of prestigious Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence said that texting takes the emotional element out of communication. He states that kids need to be hugged, touched and bonded with and that is sorely lacking with digital communications.

“When you stop to think about the fact that marketers are already talking about how to market to this next generation of consumers, this means that focus needs to be shifted to direct sales and quickly. Of course there is still a huge need for digital media, but when it comes to actually taking products to tomorrow’s consumers, we need to rethink our focus,” Anamika Sharma  Director of Blue Square Concepts continued.

As children develop, the emotional connection with their parents develops pathways in the brain in which many functions are dependent. One of those important brain functions is cognition and if children spend too much time without that emotive connection, their brains form different pathways that aren’t conducive to certain functions.

The full implications are yet unclear but it is certain that consumers need a more personal connection and digital media just isn’t giving that to them. Marketing firms like Blue Square Concepts are looking at ways to improve that connection between buyer and seller and are tailoring their marketing approaches to meet those needs. While they can’t change the way parents interact with young children, they can help their clients connect with buyers on a more personal, face to face approach.


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