Blue Square Concepts Organise an Office Retreat

Blue Square Concepts recently organised an organisational retreat, as a reward for the hard work and dedication of our associates, and to foster better relationships within the office. Part of our ethos is a dedication to making sure the people we work with are happy, fulfilled and motivated. Retreats are often seen as a rather old school business idea, but they’re making a comeback, and here’s why.

Stepping Outside the Box

Despite the fact that we strive to create a relaxed, motivating and exciting environment here at Blue Square Concepts, the fact is that people easily fall into routines. That’s just the way the human mind works. Growth requires an environment that is constantly stimulating, and a retreat can be the perfect way to allow people to step outside of their usual routine, and look at problems or objectives from a new angle.

Shared Experience is Key

Although your staff may spend every day in the office, interacting in close quarters, people have a tendency to quarantine off different parts of their lives. It’s quite possible that there are people in your business who really don’t know each other very well. You might be thinking, ‘Well so what? They need to do a job not socialise’. The fact is that it’s been proven that more sociable and connected businesses perform better. That’s why retreats are so important, to improve relationships. Creating shared experiences outside of work gives people the opportunity to bond.

Tap Into Your Idea Pool

During office hours, people tend to be focused on doing their job, and are often in a very professional mindset. A retreat takes people out of the day-to-day parameters of office life, and that leads to heightened creativity and freer thinking. At Blue Square Concepts we beleive that the collective wisdom of our workforce is an amazing resource, and a retreat is one of the times when it is at it’s peak. Better bring a notepad.

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