Blue Square Concepts’ Three Tricks to Get More Confident

At Blue Square Concepts we recognize that one of the major hurdles for a budding entrepreneur is gaining the self-assuredness needed to be a confident, successful business owner. According to research confidence is one of the top aspects that influence people to form a positive opinion of you, and so it’s extremely important. We take a look at some of the secret tricks that confident people use to master their fear and self-doubt.

Deal with the Worst Case Early

When we begin to doubt ourselves, we often think about the worst possible outcomes of a situation, and the human brain finds it hard to separate fantasy from reality. Instead of trying to block out those thoughts, try taking charge of them. Examine the worst case scenario, and figure out how you can turn it into a positive. Indeed, ask yourself if it’s really that bad at all. Is losing this deal or messing up this meeting really going to ruin your life? It’s highly unlikely.

Focus on the Facts

Our research here at Blue Square Concepts shows that much self-doubt stems from thoughts that have very little substance. When your brain is telling you, “I’m going to mess this up,” or “I am not good enough to do this,” try looking at the evidence. Why are you not good enough? What skills are you lacking? You’ll usually find that there’s no reality behind your fears, or at the very least you can implement a plan to make sure you do succeed.

Fake it Until You Make it

Perhaps you’re not feeling that confident or self-assured, but every bit of research we’ve see here at Blue Square Concepts has shown the same thing: Acting confident is indistinguishable from being confident. On top of this, the way you act influences how you think. Research shows that smiling for ten seconds actually increases your happiness. Stand up straight. Make eye contact. Breathe deeply and think before you speak. These are all things that confident people do, and by doing them you will appear (and actually be) more confident.

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