Blue Square Concepts on the Customer of the Future

For an idea that has been around for a long time, marketing is still an evolving concept, and one that constantly has to adapt and grow to deal with modern market forces and customer ideologies. Today’s customer is nothing like the customer of 50 or even 10 years ago, and the same will hold true into the future. Here at Blue Square Concepts we take a look at how marketing has evolved, and how it will continue to evolve.

Customers of the Past

Even going back fifty years, marketing was a concept that was barely utilised by many companies. Without communication channels like the internet and heavy media advertising, customers relied on self-directed research in order to discover new products. Companies like Blue Square Concepts just didn’t exist. Want to know how good the new Johnny Cash record is? Go down to your local record store and ask the owner. As for the price well unless you want to travel around the country comparing different stores, you’ll just have to make an educated guess.

The Modern Customer

As information has become more readily available, and advertising more prevalent, the marketplace has become saturated with millions of products, and millions of advertisers crying out for new customers. Now a customer can easily compare your prices with a competitor, and quickly find a dozen reviews of your product, in order to make an informed decision. This leaves a lot of modern marketers in a difficult position. If your product isn’t the best, or the cheapest, or both, then how do you gain a foothold in the marketplace?

The Future of Marketing

The answer to the question, is an answer that we at Blue Square Concepts believe will remain the answer for a long time. The future of marketing is about building relationships with customers, and making lasting connections. Research shows that customers will almost always remain with a company they have a good relationship with, even when presented with a slightly better product or a cheaper rate for services. People value relationships, and this needs to be the focus of any future-proof marketing strategy.

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