Blue Square Concepts on Things Successful People Avoid

Here at Blue Square Concepts, we post a lot about positive techniques and skills for entrepreneurs who want to be successful. However sometimes it’s important to look at the other side of the coin too. There are some negative habits that people can develop over time in business. We decided to take a look at some of those, and how they can be avoided.

The Blame Game

Blue Square Concepts believe that successful people take responsibility for their own actions, and realize that they are in control of their own life. It’s all too easy when something goes wrong, to blame other people or even just circumstances. Rather than doing this, take the time to focus on what you can do to improve the situation.

Perfection Obsession

People who search for perfection in life, or indeed business, tend to end up disillusioned. To quote Salvador Dali, “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it”. Successful people focus on progress rather than perfection. If you try to make everything perfect, you’ll waste your time on trying to fix tiny problems and never get anywhere.

The Lone Wolf

Of course, it’s absolutely possible to go through life entirely on your own steam, without getting help from others. However, the research we’ve seen here at Blue Square Concepts shows that this is not the way successful people get ahead. Working with other people is one of the best ways to improve your knowledge and gain new perspectives, and let’s not discount the importance of working on your emotional intelligence.

All Work, No Play

No matter how important a project is, you need to take time to relax, socialize and enjoy life. That doesn’t mean that you need to take a four hour break to play video games every day, but it is proven that having fun is necessary for humans. If you spend all your time working, you’re going to get very stressed, very quickly.

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