Blue Square Concepts on Hiring Effectively and Smartly

Blue Square Concepts knows that hiring the right people for the job is one of the most effective things that you can do for your business. How can this be done? Through effective and smart hiring. At Blue Square Concepts, we would like to impart to you some tips to help you in hiring people the smart way. Here are some tips you can consider:

– Know what your company needs and express this in the job description.

Knowing what your company needs will help you focus on hiring only the right people. You can also use this information in writing better job descriptions in order to let your future employee know what he or she needs to accomplish.

– Tap all possible resources.

Do not just settle for posting job ads. You can also spread your need to hire with your business contacts,friends, and even relatives. You can also go to online networks such as LinkedIn to find possible applicants. You need to tap all of your resources so as to find that specific person that will fill the position.

– Interview them the right way.

If you already have a list of applicants for interview, make sure that you interview them thoroughly. You need to ask interview questions that are related to the job that they are applying for. Don’t ask anything
that is readily available on their resume – that is redundant. You can also raise hypothetical questions so
you can assess how the applicant will handle the situation or themselves in that given situation.

– Use the references that they have included in their resume or CV.

The references are there for a reason – use them. You can utilize this information in doing a background
check on the applicant. You can check about the validity of the employment dates they included in their
resume or CV. You can also ask what their position is on that company and how well or worst they
handled themselves.

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