Blue Square Concepts Review the Street Fighting Secrets of Business Success

The term entrepreneur brings up an image of somebody creating a good idea, and then becoming an overnight success. Business building isn’t like that. It takes hard work, determination and resilience. A report in examines why a successful business starter should be called a street fighter rather than an entrepreneur. Here, Blue Square Concepts review this study and look at the lessons that can be learned from it.

“Whilst starting a business can bring huge benefits, success can’t be achieved without hard work”, said Anamika Sharma, Managing Director of Blue Square Concepts. “By accepting the reality of what starting a business entails, would-be-entrepreneurs will be better prepared for what lies ahead, and able to rise to the challenge.”

The successful business starter has much in common with the street fighter, so new business people can learn from the street fighter’s never-say-die attitude. One of the lessons is to rely on grit and determination. Be prepared to rise early, get your hands dirty, and put in long hours. Do whatever it takes to succeed, and always be ready to face a challenge head on, even if it comes at you from an unexpected angle. Use the skills that you do have to their best advantage. Many business starters find that the skills of passion, determination and courage are more useful than academic excellence, or important connections.

Other lessons a business person can learn from a street fighter involve being adaptable and innovative at all times. Ignore traditional ways of doing things, and be brave enough to go your own way. Have an unquenchable belief in yourself. Be determined that you can take on the status quo and transform it.

“As a newcomer to business, you’ll be an underdog and face many challenges”, said Anamika Sharma. “Just like in street fights, the established favorite doesn’t always win. Use that underdog status as a motivating tool. Be prepared to work harder than everyone else, and you’ll reap the rewards that success can bring.”

Today’s business world is becoming increasingly competitive. As the economy continues to become more global, challenges will come from all territories. Unless a start up is prepared to fight for everything they want, then their chances will be limited. Nevertheless, by embracing and relishing the fight an entrepreneur can become stronger than ever. Blue Square Concepts are happy to be in the corner of start up businesses, encouraging them along the road to success, and showing them new ways to win the fight to grow a brand, and gain customers.

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