Blue Square Concepts Look at What Makes an Effective Ad

A business that has a great product or service to offer has a real chance of success, but by itself that won’t be enough. One of the main challenges a business faces, is how to bring their product to the attention of potential customers. That’s where advertising becomes all important, but what makes up an effective ad? A recent article in looked at how consumers and marketers can sometimes disagree. Here, Blue Square Concepts review the article and consider how important advertising really is.

“Effective advertising can make or break a company, especially in its infancy”, said Anamika Sharma, director of Blue Square Concepts. “With so many advertising platforms now available, it can be difficult for new entrepreneurs to work out which one is best for them. It’s fascinating to read in the article how consumers and marketing professionals have different opinions on this subject. As always, great weight should be placed on what the consumer is telling us.”

The article is based upon a wide ranging survey conducted by Adobe. They spoke to both advertising companies, and internet using consumers over the age of 18, and asked them for their opinions about advertising. One question the consumers were asked, was which medium they most liked to see ads on. They put print magazines first, with 45%. Digital magazines came last with just 2%, and social media was just above that with 3%. This suggests that consumers want their digital entertainment to be advertisement free, whereas they accept and expect adverts in traditional media formats.

Another question was put to both consumers and marketers. They were asked which form of marketing was most effective, and this is where the divergence of opinion is shown. Whilst both parties agreed that professionally created ads were most effective, this was endorsed by 49% of advertising professionals, but only 36% of consumers. 7% of marketers said that paid for search listings was the most effective variety of advertising, but only 3% of consumers agreed with this.

“What was most interesting about the survey, is that it’s targeted at internet users, yet they still say that traditional forms of advertising are most effective”, said Anamika Sharma. “Digital marketing has opened up a wealth of new marketing opportunities, but there’s still no substitute for the direct, human touch.”

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