Blue Square Concepts Look at the Role of Brand Advocates

You’ve put time, money and effort into creating a business that has a great product or service to offer, and you do all that you can to market your product and bring it to the attention of potential customers. The advent of social media means that there’s now another way that news of your product can spread. A recent article in looks at the rise of online brand ambassadors. Here, Blue Square Concepts review the article, and look at ways to attract brand ambassadors.

“When customers love your product, they’ll return to use it again and again”, said Anamika Sharma, director of Blue Square Concepts. “That’s the brand loyalty that every company is striving for. Modern consumers will also tell their social media contacts all about your business and its products, so this presents the opportunity to develop valuable brand advocates.”

Not so long ago, consumers who had very strong feelings about a product would tell their friends, family and colleagues about it. This meant that whether they loved or hated what a business was offering, maybe ten or twenty people would hear about it. In these days of social media saturation, things are very different. A post on Facebook or Twitter can reach thousands of people in seconds, and can be shared time and time again. People who especially love your products will spend time online telling as many people about them as possible. These are the brand advocates that are becoming so important.

The article looks at the results of a survey into brand advocacy. It asked people why they recommended a product online. The highest response, given by 50%, was that they’d had a good experience with a product or service. 37% said that they did it because they wanted to help others make the right choice. Only 1% said that they did it because of any incentives offered. The survey also looked at how many products these advocates typically recommend. The most popular responses were 5-9, with 38%, and 1-4, with 30%.

“The survey shows that advocates are recommending products for the right reasons, rather than for any benefit to themselves”, said Anamika Sharma. “It’s vitally important to create high quality products that meet a specific need. By interacting with online consumers who have a positive opinion of your product, you could be creating brand advocates that can enhance the success of your business.”

Businesses of all kinds can also benefit from the marketing expertise of Blue Square Concepts. Their marketing campaigns attract new customers and get real returns on investment.

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