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Blue Square Concepts is a direct marketing firm and also the best when it comes to bringing our clients brands to the forefront of their industry. Helping our clients grow their business is our goal. Using direct marketing techniques as part of your greater marketing campaign is a growing trend. Having realistic face-to-face contact with customers will never go out of fashion. Customers like to know that they are dealing with brands that care about their needs and what better way to communicate that than with genuine human contact. Blue Square Concepts acts as that middleman between our clients and their potential customers. As the middleman, it is our prerogative to ensure we represent our clients the same way they would represent themselves. For this reason, we provide extensive training, open workshops and education seminars to our staff to make sure our clients brand image matches customers perspective.

Marketing is the real way to develop customer loyalty and repeat business. If a solid foundation is built with customers during that first meeting, they are less likely to cancel or purchase another product. It is the REAL way to ensure longevity with customers as they have that physical point of contact. Blue Square Concepts understands that a relationship built between a brand and a consumer is fragile at first and grows stronger with time. Customers having the right information to start with and having the right expectations is key for a repeat purchase. This is why Blue Square Concepts understands the importance of first impressions. What we mean by that is that the first purchase is key to whether a customer holds a brand in high regard or not. We supply our clients with a strong base of new customers that know what they have bought and can expect. Then it is up to our clients to keep delivering a fantastic service to maintain that relationship.

As part of our sales process, we provide our clients with the significant insights and feedback. We gain this relevant and important information through face to face engagement while going through the sales process. With these insights, we tailor our sales pitch as well as feedback pertinent information that could have a last impact our clients growth. Knowledge is power, which is why we feel we provide our clients with a twofold service. Building their customer base and providing key insights as to why customer have or have not purchased from us.